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The Biggest Benefits of Reading Self Help Books

on January 27, 2013
There are many benefits for reading self-help books. One of the biggest benefits is that for less than the price of a dinner at a restaurant, you can get great insights and information from some of the greatest minds in the world. Best of all, you can read it in the privacy of your own home. You can take the books and read them at the café or even when you are waiting at the airport. These books are relatively inexpensive, but with the right book, it has a mountain of knowledge that you can absorb. You can pick the brain of some of the greatest thinkers and get advice on a subject without having to come up with the information yourself.

You can literally learns and get years’ worth of guidance on relationships, finance, personal growth, self-esteem, and many others in a matter of days or weeks. You can get lifetimes of study and experience all compacted in a hundred pages or so book. It is also very nice to just sit back and relax in your favorite chair and think about life principles and other very deep concepts that you may come across from reading self-help books.

Also, highlighting and re-reading the books gives you more depth and insight every time you read. You pick up more “nuggets” of information and advice with every read. Depending on the topic you are reading, you can heal old wounds in your soul. For example, people who have experienced traumatic abuse as a child can close chapter of their life behind him and can connect to the testimonials and stories of others. They will not feel alone anymore and it maybe the first time they feel that way.

Application is the most important aspect of reading self-help books. There are great exercises, summaries, and thoughtful open-ended questions that will help you not only reinforce what you have learned, but apply it as well. Only when you apply is when you finally the real physical growth and change within you, whatever you are looking to improve on. If you are looking to improve your relationship, you would have to apply the concepts and steps outlined in order to have a better relationship. Knowledge is great, but without application, it will be very difficult to see result.

There are so many areas of self-help that you can focus on and improve on.

Here is a list of them here:


Time Management

Weight Loss and Fitness



Personal Transformation


Interpersonal Skills

Speaking and Conversations

Spirituality and Religion

This is just a small list and each focus has even smaller niches. “Love” for example has love for teens, women, men, people over 30 etc.

Well I hope after reading this gives you an idea of the potential of reading self-help books.

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